Chapter 4 – Figured You Out

‘I can’t do it.’ I can’t? Who says? My mom? ‘I changed my mind. Sorry.’  Sorry? What should I be sorry for? ‘I changed my mind. I’m not going to come.’ The pun is served on a silver platter. Jesus Christ, sending a text that screams closure without sounding either rude or stupid is seemingly [...]


Chapter 3 – I’ve got pictures on my mind

When the radio alarm wakes me with a soft piece by Cécile McLorin Salvant, the sky is still semi dark, splashed with bronze and tangerine. The morning is already planned out; study for the exam, have breakfast, study, take a shower, study again. As it is my habit on the eve of an exam, I [...]

Chapter 2 – And all that jazz

A lively symphony of trumpets and saxophones filters out through the stained glass door of the jazz club. The cozy nook, invisible to most and especially to tourists and moneybags, is right in front of my apartment. And it’s my favorite place to be. There is something seductive and enthralling about that swing feel. It [...]

Chapter 1 – Luigi’s Kitchen

Give a quick glance at this picture. Give it a second one. Now scan all the faces on it. Scrupulously. Good chances are, you still haven't noticed me. I'm the brunette in the background. Black dress, black hair, black shoes, a pashmina of a pallid rose that perfectly matches my horrid complexion. I realize now [...]